ZH-100 Multifunction Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine

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This equipment is a new model machine designed by our company who integrated domestic and foreign
vanguard technology, It is high technology product incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic all in
one. It improve by a large margin on machine performance and working efficiency, carry out encasing fast
demand, keep running steady and reliable when fast running.
This machine is applicable for encasing marry kinds and specifications of pharmaceutical blister together
with similar product, it can carry out leaflet folding, carton opening, encasing, date coding, carton closing
automatically. It adopts PLC control, photo electricity supervision to coordinate with every parts action.
When machine running in trouble,machine will stop automatically and display error reason, so can solve
troubles in time. This machine can be used separately, and also can be connected with blister packing
machines or other machines as a production line.

Main technical parameter

Electric power

Ac220V  50HZ  motor power 1.5kw

Production capacity

Rotation speed 40-100box/min

Volume of consumption

120-160L/min (pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa)

Packing material

Box requirement 280-400g/m²

Max. Size :{L-H-W} 200-85-50mm

Min. Size :{L-H-W}60×20×14mm


Paper requirement  60-80g/m²

Max. Size:240×170mm

Min . Size:80×90mm

Overall dimension



About 1.5 tons