ZH-100 Automatic lce Cream Cartoning

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The equipment is our company with new models developed advanced technology development at home and abroad, set light, electricity, gas, machine integration of high-tech products. So that the equipment performance and the working efficiency greatly Improve, achieve rapid box packing requirements, still remains stable, reliable and fast operation in state.

This product is suitable for many varieties, many specifications of the ice cream, drug aluminum-plastic plate and similar items box packaging, can automatically complete the box open, items into the box, print a batch number, box sealing work(also with hot melt adhesive sealing device) the box packaging. This machine adopts PLC control, the action of each part of the photoelectric monitoring, abnormal operation, the machine will automatically stop display reasons, so as to eliminate the fault, This machine can be used alone, but also with the pillow packaging machine and other equipment linkage using, form a complete production line.

1. using automatic control system, the international famous brand PLC variable frequency speed regulation.
2. uses the man-machine interface operating system.
3. main drive with overload protection device.
4 fault display, alarm and finished counting
5. stable performance, easy to change to different products
6. automatically reject lacking of packaging carton.

Main technical parameter:

Electric power AC220V 50HZ moter power 1.5KW
Prduction capacity Rotation speed 70-100b/min
Volume of consumption 120-160L /min (pressure0.5-0.8Mpa)
Packing material Box requirement: 280-400g/m2 (according to its dimensions to confirm)
Specifications: Max.Size(LxHxW):200x85x50mm
Overall dimension 2700x1400x1800mm
Weight about l.6 tons