ZH-200 Automatic high-speed cartoning machine

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Useful - 200 type automatic continuous box packing machine is set light, electricity, gas, machine integration of high-tech products. The machine through a series of photoelectric control, the practice of many troublesome, coordinated, ensure the quality of packaging. This machine can automatic folding specification (1-4), open the carton, product specifications and push, embossing batch number, sealing box (can also add hot melt adhesive sealing device). The machine can be used alone, also can be chartered and canning machine, blister packing machine, pillow, three dimensional packaging machine, heat shrinkable film packaging machine and other equipment linkage used form a production line, is suitable for packing size within a certain range of various aluminum-plastic plate bottle, daily cosmetics, food and electronic products, cosmetics and small specifications and packaging of the item.


1. No material from manual, no manual suction box;

2. No material machine idle, when material supply back automatically after work, material into the box does not reach the designated position automatic stop;

3. Carton didn't open (without carton), three consecutive no manual automatic stop, eliminates automatically without manual without packaging;

4. Convenient change different specifications carton;

5. Main drive with mechanical overload protection device;

6. The fault display, alarm, box packing speed and counting.

7. Automatic blanking mechanism servo adjustment is convenient, can be arbitrarily set on the operation panel box packing plate number.